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Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout is Glendalf, the healing wizard at The Shire. The Shire is a vision of a possible future at a plantation by that name located in Pahoa, Hawaii, about 1 mile from the active lava flow. It is so close that the sky can even glow red at night. This is the guide to that special place which has its entrance precisely at 19.47 degrees latitude on the slopes of Earth's largest and most active volcano.  With 30 years as a healer, Glendalf reveals the hidden truths of the lost Elven knowledge of our world. Whether you are visiting the Healing Island of Hawaii or not, this is a really a manual for accelerated healing, personal growth, and creating a new culture of life. The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine are described in the context of Hawaii's magical East Rift Zone. Botanical and mineral allies are introduced in a fresh and lively relationship to healing ourselves, our planet and our times, like the elves and dwarves of Middle-earth.

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Jana Bogs
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Fascinating exploration of this dynamic and magical realm here on Earth

I really enjoyed Glendalfs exploration in this book. I love Lord of the Rings so the analogies laid throughout the work was really engaging for me. I am particularly interested in the means by which we can consume and attract spirit minerals or Bose-Einstein condensates into us. The 5 Phases of Healing system is also something I have been exploring and I gained so useful insights. Cell biology and our liquid crystalline matrix and the interactions with our biophotonic communication system is certainly a fascinating channel of inquiry and I look forward to hearing more of Dr. Glen's insights in the years to come. Many thanks :-)

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