Bamboo Sanctuary Cloth with 40% Silver

Our select blend of half Bamboo fiber with 40% Silver and the remainder Spandex creates the perfect cloth to make your next garment to protect and enhance the life force within. The price is per square meter.

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We love Bamboo fiber because of its healing property of reflecting the infrared emissions from the body. People who sleep with a partner share infrared energy, and this is associated with increased longevity. Silver shields the body from exposure to the wide range of technical EMF in today’s environment, from 50 or 60 Hz electric power transmission all the way to 5G. A little Spandex goes a long way to make your clothing creations fit and move comfortably on your body. Imagine what it will feel like to wear this luxurious and protective sanctuary cloth, and be sure to send us photos and videos of your creations!

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