Photobiomodulation Package

We just love our new research grade Photobiomodulation Helmets, and I know your brain will love one, too.

Compared to the commercially available units we were using before... well... there is just no comparison. Our helmets energize and cleanse the whole brain rather than just a few small areas. You can access a whole range of frequencies including the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, not just two frequencies. The ergonomic design doesn't pull your hair out when you're done... And the price is nearly the same... 

Retail $5,176.00 Your Price $3,997.00

More details:

We are manufacturing a batch of helmets, and by getting in on this order, we are going to give you $194 of additional photobiomodulation tools to make it a total phototherapy package, plus $985 of our healing support services. That's a $1,179 total incentive to order your helmet right now to get the package valued at $5,176. That's a discount of over 29%!
Who should get this package?
I could honestly say anyone with the budget and a brain, (double meaning intended...) but especially an aging brain. Photobiomodulation of the brain helps reverse symptoms and improve function in neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. So, if your brain needs a tune-up, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our bulk order... 
The equipment can be shared by more than one person, so consider if you have someone close to you who is experiencing declining brain function. This package will make 2022 the year for a health make-over and a brain tune-up!

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