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Infrared Bamboo Bath Towel

Bamboo fiber promotes health and wellness...

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More details:

Bamboo fiber cloth feels dreamy... like a comfy cloud of coziness...

Not only is it soooo soft...

Rediculous, really...

You'll be immediately spoiled for cotton towels.

But here's why we use them:

The reflect your body's infrared energy back to you.

Yes, they are infrared healing tools on top of the yummy comfort.

Infrared frequencies penetrate deep into the body tissues, potentially affecting every cell.

We know that infrared energy is stored in the body as charge separation in the living water structure in and around healthy cells.

Bulk H2O water doesn't absorb infrared wavelenths, but n(H3O2-) does...

As the volume of this structured water in contact with each cell increases, more and more of the cells physiological activity can be run directly and instantaneously by that battery of stored direct current energy.

As the volume of extracellular water structure increases around each cell, acids, wastes, toxins, viruses and other microbes are pushed into the open-ended lymph vessels for digestion by the immune system and elimination via the circulatory system...

In summary, your lovely bamboo towels support energizing and cleansing functions in your body tissues.

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