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Smokey Quartz Healing Tool

Natural smokey quartz crystals are formed by absorbing radiation in the earth.

They are used as a healing wand to cleanse and absorb the after-effects of ionizing radiation such as from Xrays, radiation therapy, or air travel.

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After use, you may notice a darkening of the smokey quartz crystal.

Irradiate the crystal with red light for a minute or so to clear the crystal for repeat use.

Many quartz crystals sold as smokey quartz are simply common clear quartz crystals that have been cooked in an oven to make them appear dark, but they have not developed the resonance capability to absorb residual ionizing radiation effects...

Also many smokey quartz wands may have been faceted on a lathe...

Our conveniently sized 1 inch healing wands have only natural crystal faces and smokey coloration formed slowly over geological time...

Enjoy healing with the beauty and elegance of nature!

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