Golden Book

Golden Book is a traditional Chinese herbal formula, Jin Gui Shen Chi, or Ba Wei Wan.

In Japan, it is known as Hachimijiogan, which translates to 8 herbs for eyesight.


In a research study, it was shown to be of clinical benefit in human cataracts.

In the early stages of cataractogenesis, 60% of subjects experienced significant improvement, and 20% showed no progression,

Only 20% of participants continued to show any progression of cataract formation on this traditional herbal combination, which has been successfully used in Oriental medicine to treat cataracts for centuries.


Animal research in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology documented that the formula increases anti-oxidant levels in the crystalline lens of the eye.

It also found dramatic rejuvenation of the sodium-potassium ATPase activity which is suppressed in the formation of cataracts.

This pump keeps excess fluid from accumulating in the lens and causing cloudiness and disruption of the optical clarity.

Extrapolating from the results with the animals to the equivalent in human lifespan, the researchers estimated that this formula could extend the prevention of cataracts by an average of 13.9 years.

Because removal of cataracts fails to remove the underlying causes of cataracts, the average life expectancy after cataract surgery is only 5 years.

The clarity of the crystalline lens is one of the top health indicators associated with longevity.


Research Reference:


In another animal study, these herbs were shown to improve both lipid metabolism (cholesterol) and glutathione metabolism.

Glutathione is a key antioxidant that is deficient in the cataractous lens as well as other degenerative conditions.


Research Reference:


Circulation to the eye decreases progressively in degenerative eye diseases like cataracts.

A controlled study in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine documented a dramatic increase in blood flow through the central retinal artery with this botanical medicine.

The supply of nutrition to the lens of the eye comes through the vitreous humor from the retina which is supplied by the central retinal artery.

Because the crystalline lens is not only an avascular tissue (like the cartilage of the joints) but also the densest protein in the body, it is the most dependent on the quality of its regional blood supply.


Research Reference:

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More details:

Each capsule of Golden Book supplies:


Alismatis 25:1 (Alisma orientalis) (rhizome) 9.5 mg


Rehmanniae 50:1 (Rehmannia glutinosa) (root) 9.5 mg


Loganin 10% (Cornus officinalis) (fruit) 23.5 mg


Diosgenin 98% (Dioscorea opposita) (rhizome) 13 mg


Polysaccharide 50% (Poria cocos) 235 mg


Paeoniflorin 50% (Paeonia suffruticosa) (bark) 129.5 mg


Polyphenols 30% (Cinnamomum cassia) (bark) 78.5 mg


Aconite 20:1 (Aconitum carmichaelii) (root) 2 mg


Our approach in formulating traditional TCM remedies like Golden Book is to use the most potent botanical concentrates available so that we can maximize the therapeutic effects of each capsule.

The herbal ratios are adjusted to maintain the integrity of the time-proven formulations.

In this way, we achieve the therapeutic intent of the original formulation without having to take large quantities of herbal teas that are often very difficult for the palate.


We also avoid the use of additives like wax and talc that are used to make the herbal extracts into tea pills.

All of our Functional Formulations™ are packaged in biophotonic glass bottles to maintain potency and purity much longer than conventional glass or plastic bottles.


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