Ozonated Olive Oil

One of our founders, Rae Luscombe, brought her knowledge of the world's best ozonated olive oil from Canada.

We have it made for us in Canada by a renowned European scientist originally from Czechoslovakia.

We only have it shipped to us during the cold winter months to maintain its potency.

We also keep it in the freezer until we ship it to you.

You should keep it refrigerated once you receive it.

If you aren't using it for long periods, you may even want to keep it in your freezer.

This is a very potent product, so you need very little to cover any problem skin areas once or twice a day in most cases (or more if needed)...

A small jar will typically last you a long time.

The results are remarkable.

Please share your experience with us!

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More details:

Ozonated Olive Oil:

Nature's Secret for Skin and Health

Ozonated olive oil, a lesser-known yet powerful derivative of traditional olive oil, boasts a range of skin and health benefits. Here's a concise exploration of its uses and advantages.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil?

Discovered in the early 20th century, ozonated olive oil is a result of infusing high-quality olive oil with ozone. This process transforms the oil into a gel-like substance, enhancing its healing properties. First created in 1904 by Nikola Tesla and marketed as ‘Glycozone’, this unique oil has been used for various health issues.

Production Process

The best-ozonated olive oil is made by bubbling ozone into high-grade, cold-pressed virgin olive oil for 3 weeks using a powerful cold plasma generator. This process optimizes the oil’s effectiveness and purity.

Skin Benefits

Ozonated olive oil is a boon for skin health. It's used as a natural cream for:

  • Stimulating skin cell regeneration
  • Sterilizing and cleansing wounds
  • Reducing inflammation and irritation
  • Treating acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Diminishing wrinkles and age spots
  • Moisturizing skin and reducing scars
  • Soothing sunburns and yeast infections
  • Reducing cellulite appearance

Dental Health

Surprisingly beneficial for oral health, ozonated olive oil, when used as an adjunctive treatment, shows significant improvements in periodontal conditions [[1†source]].

Additional Uses

  • Treating athlete's foot and nail fungus
  • Easing muscle soreness
  • Healing minor cuts, burns, and wounds [[2†source]]
  • Alleviating diaper rash in babies
  • Effective natural treatment for hemorrhoids
  • Doubles as a deodorant by oxidizing bacteria

Enhanced Ozonated Olive Oil Paste

Extending the ozonation process produces a paste form, offering even greater skin benefits due to higher oxygen and ozone saturation [[3†source]].

Side Effects

Topical use of ozonated olive oil is generally safe, with no known adverse effects.

Ozonated olive oil, with its myriad health benefits, is a testament to the innovative uses of natural products in enhancing wellness and skin care.


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