Pollen Power

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Each capsule of Pollen Power packs 4 pollen-sourced punches:

Pine Pollen (Pinus spp.) 20:1 extract 200 mg

Swedish Flower Pollen (Secale cereale) 4:1 extract 200 mg

Bee Pollen (Apis mellifica) 4:1 extract 50 mg

Propolis 70% Flavonoids extract (Apis mellifica) 50 mg

Each excipient-free dose is encapsulated in a healing energy field free of non-therapeutic EMF in phthalate-free chlorophyll vegicap. Pollen Power is bottled in our special deep violet Photobiomodulation glassware. This glass allows only selected bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to enter the product, enhancing potency for prolonged shelf-life (via Infrared frequencies) and reducing biological activity for enhanced product stability (via Violet and UV frequencies).

Pine Pollen contains testosterone, androstenedione and DHEA and is noted for its aphrodisiac qualities. Our Pine Pollen is a 20:1 extract of cracked Pine Pollen, so 200 mg supplies its potency from 4 grams of cracked Pine Pollen.

Swedish Flower Pollen, extracted from cracked Rye grass pollen, is well researched in Europe for its prostate benefits, and is used for a wide range of immune and other health benefits.

Bee Pollen supplies nutrients from a range of plant species since it is collected by foraging honey bees. Bee Pollen is known to provide a very broad spectrum of nutrients, but most of those nutrients are trapped inside the indigestible pollen grain, unless it is broken open so the nutrients can be extracted. Bee pollen is thought to increase metabolism, protect the veins, detoxify the liver, improve prostate health, rejuvenate the skin, reduce allergies via natural antihistamines and reduce LDL cholesterol.

Propolis is made by honey bees using nutrients from plant buds, sap, and other botanical sources, and is known to protect the immune system, prevent certain types of cancer, reduce inflammation, lessen allergic reactions, heal wounds, promote circulation, boost eye health, stop cell death, improve cognition, and strengthen bones.

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