Intensive Biofield Balancing Program

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Receive a comprehensive Biofield Analysis integrating multiple modes of remote testing, both through digital telecommunication and via the scalar consciousness field of the soul's conscious and immortal spirit body made of condensates in the body including the linear pi electron channels of the DNA, the planar sheets of lipid bilayer membranes, and the volumes of hexagonally structured water around all hydrophillic materials.

You will also receive a complete program of pure, potent, personally selected botanical/nutritional remedies designed for a 1 month comprehensive Accelerated Self-Healing program.

We will teach you about gentle yet powerful wellness technologies that will benefit your quest to restore, maintain, and enhance your health, performance and personal growth.

You will begin establishing your personal Healing Oasis in your own home or office, so you can efficiently and sustainably access key proactive wellness tools in your life.

And you will be able to share many of these life-giving gifts with those you love...

To get started, or if you have questions and would like to know more, please also complete your online application form now at:

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