Wellness Whispering MasterClass

Learn how you can use NES voice scanning technology in our Wellness Whispering Masterclass.


Create a NES account through this link:



How to Do a Voice Scan:

  1. Log into your account at https://portal.neshealth.com
  2. Go to Scans at https://portal.neshealth.com/MyScans/List
  3. Click the blue-button at the upper left that says “BWS Voice Scan” and follow the directions

In our Wellness Whispering MasterClass, you will learn how to read and implement your NES Scan.


You'll learn how to use information medicine Infoceuticals to optimize your body-field so you can access your optimum epigenetics of health:


Feel Good Infoceuticals (can be used based on symptoms, without requiring a scan)


Basic Infoceuticals (can be used during the first few months of Accelerated Self Healing™)


Advanced Infoceuticals (can be used after completing the first few months of your ASH™ program)


Learn how to apply other natural remedies like our Functional Formulations™ based on:







In addition to the NES body field resonance testing system to which you will have lifetime access, you'll also learn about additional systems for guiding your Accelerated Self Healing™ process based on resonance biocommunication with your own body-mind-spirit without having to leave your home or office:


Our proprietary Biofield Analysis™ based on the Clinical Theory™ of Everything (on the Zyto Elite platform - requires a Zyto Hand Cradle, and internet connection on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC computer)


Remote Biofield Analysis™ (non-local surrogate testing developed over the past 40 years by Dr. Glen Swartwout)


CoRe Inergetix (non-local instrument-based testing)


To access any of these systems, apply for our coaching and consulting program here, so we can add your essential information to our database:




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