Travel Healing Oasis


What is essential for your success with your Travel Healing Oasis?


The depth of your understanding and the fundamental state of your being are crucial to your success in every facet of life, and in your progress toward achieving your health goals for yourself and for those whose lives you touch...


Learning all of the critical dimensions of Accelerated Self Healing™ through your personal core health transformation experience is a one-year program available for $997 per month (Total $11,964).


This is a powerful personal journey that includes regular interaction not only with access to presentations of new material and time for Q&A, but also individually in biocommunication, coaching, and consulting sessions to facilitate your optimum personal progress.


When you understand your healing process and develop your facility and confidence with the tools to foster and accelerate healing, you will see a new future open up for you and those whose lives you touch...


You need to understand how your body, mind, and spirit work together synergistically for Accelerated Self Healing.


The training, support, and guidance to implement and make the most of the essential tools of healing will make your Healing Oasis a source of health, wholeness, renewed vitality, restored quality of life, and prospects for meaningful longevity, as well as an enhanced or perhaps a whole new source of livelihood...


Your certification of completion of this program, together with access to ongoing professional support as you expand the circle of people you help through your Healing Oasis is a $5,000 cost that will pay for itself many times over, and at levels you will only begin to understand as you participate in transforming the lives of the people around you.


Here is our selection of $12,601 of the most crucial healing tools to keep close at hand on your healing journey as you travel:


• Your personal essential remedies as identified by your body each month for a full year, $6000


• Living Water, $97 (Water bottle)


• Clean Air, $47 (Wearable)


• Healing Light, $997 (Laser) and $197 (Nightlight)


• PEMF, $800 (Wearable)


• PEMF & Microcurrent, $4200 (miHealth)


• Mithreal™ Silver Lined Clothing™, $197 (Hoodie) and $57 (Hat)


Together with your training, support, coaching, and consulting services that we will be providing to you throughout the year, the total cost is $30,529.


Retail $30,529.00 Your Price $27,997.00

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