Essential Biofield Analysis

Our evaluation process identifies your specific functional needs in real time.

We'll design a complete program of information medicine drops (Infoceuticals) to put in your drinking water.

You can do a free voice scan as needed to update your Infoceutical recommendations. 

If you want to add a powerful botanical/nutritional program as well, simply upgrade to add our Standard Biofield Analysis. Monthly remedy updates will maximize your health recovery process. After that, quarterly updates are efficient for health maintenance, once you achieve your wellness goals.

If this is your first analysis, complete your application at the bottom of the page so we can get to know you!

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More details:

Accelerated Self Healing™ Program Design & Coaching

    Here is what is included:


    • Lifetime access to Free Voice Scans with instant online reports and Infoceutical recommendations
    • Lifetime access to group coaching support
    • Initial phone consultation
    • Access to essential adjustments to the first three sets of Infoceutical recommendations so you can ease into correcting your epigenetics

    Here is what is included if you choose to upgrade to a Standard or Complete level for your Accelerated Self Healing™ program:


    Everything in the Essential level plus:

    • Standard Biofield Analysis™
    • Summary report by email
    • Complete remedy program recommendations, including Botanical/Nutritional Functional Formulations™
    • 1-month access to email coaching support


    Everything in the Essential and Standard levels plus:

    • Zyto hand cradle (You supply a Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer)
    • Noise-canceling headset for EVOX
    • Initial Zyto EVOX voice frequency biofeedback session
    • Initial Clinical Theory of Everything: Biofield Analysis™ on the Zyto Elite platform
    • Remedy program recommendations
    • Report by email
    • 1-month access to phone coaching support

    We offer multiple modes of evaluation. Each energetic-informational biocommunication test modality adds a different type of information, just like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs show different views of the material bio-body suit. A 10-second Voice Scan is the easiest to access first. 

      NES (Nutrienergetic Systems), based in London, England, now offers an online body field scan via analysis of a 10-second vocal sample. No hardware or software is needed! Recommended NES Infoceuticals are Essential to activate your healthy genes and help to turn off the epigenetics of disease. Clinical studies show people with low wellness scores improve by 102% in one month.

      Essential steps to get started right now:

      • Create your free NES account here.
      • Choose a quiet time and place... (You can even do voice scans on a smartphone)
      • Log into your account and go to the Scans tab at
      • Click the blue “BWS Voice Scan” button at the upper left and follow the directions
      • The first time you scan on a device, you'll be asked to access your microphone
      • Count out loud from 1 to 10 when prompted...
      • Click on "Available to View" to see your multipage interactive report.
      • Place your order to consult with us.
      • Complete your application at the bottom of the page.
      • Schedule your initial phone consultation.

      To enhance your initial evaluation with an Energetically Correct™ botanical/nutritional remedy program of Functional Formulations™ designed to support Biofield Coherence™ for the coming month, you can upgrade to add our Standard Biofield Analysis™ here for just an additional $100 before the price increases.

      We are honored to be on your health and wellness team.

      We look forward to working with you!

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