Transgenerational Perception Reframing

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Disease patterns often run in families...

These are often related to patterns of gene function, such as the miasms that have been identified and reversed in Homeopathic Medicine for over 200 years. Modern science confirms chronic or acute stress patterns can activate disease genes and suppress healthy genes. These stress patterns of gene activation and suppression can then be inherited, generation after generation, until they are healed.

Because genes are energetic and informational transmitter-receivers, when one generation heals the pattern, it can even broadcast the healing signal to remote members of the family that share the same DNA! We worked with a mature woman whose elderly mother had suffered all her life with a very unusual symptom. Our client had a milder degree of the same issue. When her Accelerated Self Healing™ program cleared her chronic problem, she was stunned to get a phone call out of the blue from her mother, given that they had not communicated in over 30 years! Before she had a chance to share her health update, her mother explained that she was inspired to call because her lifelong health problem had just cleared up spontaneously...

We recommend that every client completes the once-in-a-lifetime process of clearing the inherited epigenetic patterns.

The Transgenerational Perception Reframing process uses the ZYTO EVOX system for voice frequency biofeedback.

The software system analyzes the vocal stress pattern and determines when you are ready to begin clearing these family stress patterns.

Most people must first clear some current life stress issues with the EVOX biofeedback process before they are ready to dig into the inherited epigenetic patterns. It's great that we don't have to guess this crucial timing factor. We know when you've unearthed that deep layer of stress buried in your DNA so you can release it efficiently and effectively once and for all!

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