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Dr. Swartwout’s Materia Medica is a compendium of natural medicines, both physical and energetic.

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Even more than that, this reference work is a map of the terrains and methods of what the author calls accelerated self healing. 

This book covers an extensive range of information, and sets it in a unified field paradigm that incorporates the consciousness and the spirit vessel within the scope of its ken. 

Materia Medica is the classical term for an encyclopedia of medicines. 

The subtitle Vis Medicatrix Naturae means the healing power of nature. 

This extensive and well organized book is a foundational study guide for the student or practitioner of the healing arts, especially for those involved in or seeking to understand the multidimensional realm of natural medicine as applied to functional medicine, biocommunication and accelerated self healing. 

The context of this work is that the reason for healing the biological body is to free the conscious spirit vessel to experience, learn and grow in this life. 

The book begins to flesh out what may be the first explicit model that bridges the worlds of flesh and of spirit in an integral and coherent, scientifically based approach, leaving no stone unturned. 

Whether you are looking for a reference work on the breadth and depth of natural and holistic medicine, or a guide to developing yourself as a practitioner of the subtle and profound healing arts, this is one book you won't want to be without.

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