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Binder Complex

Binder Complex includes a range of binders to ensure that the full spectrum of toxins are eliminated from the digestive tract and not reabsorbed in the large intestine.

These include heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and Aluminum, as well as Petrochemicals and Radioactive particles.

Nano Chitosan is added because its particles are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream to bind toxins there as well. These are then safely eliminated via the kidneys.

Chitosan is the #1 compound used to clean community water supplies whenever toxins are detected, including radiation, petrochemicals and heavy metals.

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More details:

Each excipient-free capsule supplies:

Chitosan (from Aspergillus niger) 225 mg *

Nano Chitosan (from crustacean shells) 37 mg *

Humic Acid 37 mg *

Fulvic Acid 37 mg *

Activated Charcoal (Cocos nucifera) 37 mg *

Zeolite 37 mg *

Take Binder Complex once or more between meals or with rich, processed, commercial or questionable foods, such as when eating out at restaurants.

A bottle contains 30 capsules.

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