Terrain Restore

Restore the body’s terrain in 30 minutes…

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Terrain Restore is an easy to take pleasant tasting water-based liquid supplement...

You take a dropperful a half hour before each meal, and the results and the science are remarkable...

It heals leaky gut...

And that has cascading effects throughout your body... sealing up:

  • ​the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • the Vascular Endothelium
  • the Kidney Tubules

Some of the effects on the gut, the circulation, the kidneys and immune function are amazing and rapid...

Some kids with severe autism have even started vocalizing and making eye contact within 24 hours of starting this problem solving remedy...

For auto-immune issues, because most of the immune cells sit right under the mucosa of the gut, long term improvements build up over about 18 months of use...

Many people find this becomes one of their best maintenance supplements, especially if you are exposed to GMOs, commercial meats, or other stressors that contribute to leaky gut...

Restore supports restoration of a healthier ecosystem in the gut...

The actual chemistry of Restore is redox signaling molecules derived from ancient soils...

This chemistry is stable at room temperature, so no refrigeration is needed...

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