TMG Powder (Trimethylglycine)

Trimethylglycine is nature's most potent methyl donor...

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Glycine gets its name from its slightly sweet taste.

Most people experience TMG as slightly sweet from the glycine amino acid in the core of its structure.

Each molecule of TMG has 3 methyl groups it can give...

That means one molecule can elevate SAMe levels by recycling SAMe three times from Homocysteine which is associated with atherosclerosis much more strongly than is Cholesterol...

SAMe is also strongly associated with mood elevation...

Antidepressant medications elevate SAMe levels, and some scientists think that is why they can produce some symptomatic relief, even though they may have side effects and may make the underlying problem more chronic...

TMG also promotes oxidative metabolism in the mitochondria...

​It even relieves muscle cramps in a couple minutes in most cases...

TMG is synergistic with Amygdalin (Vitamin B17), the vitamin for which its discoverers considered cancer to be a sign of deficiency...

TMG is also great for the liver and stimulates bile flow.

TMG comes from beets (Beta vulgaris), but if you try to get a full therapeutic dose from the whole food, you will overdose on Iron, which then acts as an oxidizing agent, increasing aging...

The maximum dose of TMG used in most research is up to 4 grams (8 scoops) a day in divided dose.

TMG dissolves easily in water, or you can dissolve it straight in your mouth.

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