Sanctuary C60

C60 is a sphere made of 60 atoms of Carbon.

It is also known as a Buckminster Fullerene, or a Bucky Ball, after the famous architect and mathematician who invented the geodesic dome.

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More details:

Sanctuary C60 is made in an ORMUS field using Miracule Water to transmit ultrasound waves in a 172 Hz scalar field that carries the characteristic wave information of the full spectrum of ORMUS spirit minerals.

It is very potent, so please start with 1 drop a day.

Only build up your dosage as you feel drawn to.

The maximum suggested dosage is up to 10 drops 3 times a day.

Sanctuary C60 supplies:

C60 (Buckminster Fullerenes) *

Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa) *

C60 is now being widely used in research on health and longevity after an animal study documented a dramatic 90% increase in longevity.

C60 also acts as an antioxidant with 272 times the protective power of Vitamin C.

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