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Drawing on the wisdom of both ancient and modern-day healers, Dr. Glen Swartwout and Dr. Marc Grossman, authors of Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia offer a unique approach to improving vision and preventing vision problems.  This practical manual will help you make safe, sensible choices and show you how herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, acupressure, and vision therapy can be used to prevent and treat such common eye disorders as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Nearsightedness, Conjunctivitis, and Dry Eyes.

Do you have or know someone who has a vision problem? Nearly all of us can answer "yes". The eye care business is a billion dollar industry. Americans pay high prices for eye glasses, contact lenses and surgery each year. With all the advances in eye medicine, this title is the first step in shifting some of the responsibility of eye care from health professional to individual.

What most people don't know is integrated medicine can be an effective tool in the treatment of eye disorders such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and more. The authors use therapies such as vitamin and mineral supplementation, herbal remedies, homeopathy and much more with great success. Through both alternative and conventional therapies you too can promote long term eye health and reduce the damage to your wallet.

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A roadmap to naturally overcoming glaucoma (and other eye issues)

Studying 14 categories of wellness for nearly 50 years, after encountering glaucoma 11 years ago,
to me, mainstream opthalmologists, seemed to only offer to measure the vision I lost. I wanted more.

Uncomfortable with meds of any kind, including drops, I've intensely researched everything, everywhere.
The authors, two highly bright lights, seem amongst the most innovative in the field.

Their combined insights, despite this 1999 publication date, prove some books are timeless.
This is one.

Regarding my own fruitless search until finding this book, was, the old phrase, "Close, but no cigar".

Despite studying & using vitamins, minerals, acupressure, homeopathy, herbs, digestive enzymes, exercise, including for the eyes & more, this book taught me, though on the right track, I needed to do yet more comprehensively.

The book brilliantly puts an unmistakeable spotlight on the path.
I knew I wasn't wrong, but my diminishing vision proved, my approach wasn't yet right.

My hopes for now are revived.
My most grateful thanks to the authors!

Marc Grossman, the first named author, both a natural optometrist and acupuncturist, has
a new book with his partner at NaturalEyeCare, New York, acupuncturist Michael Edson, about 20 years after the publication of this book I'm writing of.

I would think this new book would be a very good investment as well and will be purchasing

Albie Einstein
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it is useful and it also was recommended by Kelly Lemos PT in Rio

I am reading the book, but I believe that it should be updated given all the current new technologies. Nevertheless, it is useful and it also was recommended by Kelly Lemos (physical thera[ist in Rio de janeiro) and Dr. Tatiana Gebrael in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Regina M Erdmann
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Excellent source of information!

Excellent source of information for anyone who is interested in keeping or saving their failing eyesight! It deals with treating eye disorders holistically. The book was well thought out - it talks about diet changes, supplements, acupuncture/acupressure, exercise, and lots more. There are lists of places to get the various products that are listed. I would totally recommend this book to anyone! I bought it to help treat my glaucoma.

BC Hanson
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Essential information for anyone with eyes

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Great resource...

Everything you need to know on how to manage serious eye conditions with diet, supplements & lifestyle. Natural eye care is grouped into individual eye complaints, so it's easy to find the information you need. Simple & easy to understand, suitable for practitioners or anyone interested in improving their eyesight..loved it...

Ali G
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Good book

Good book, I have read better. This is a very basic book
It guides you to find your own solutions to eye disease...

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This book was mentioned in a YouTube Video by a Woman with Macular Degeneration

I heard about this book by Kris Homme who has macular degeneration. She testified before the FDA in 2010 because she was poisoned by mercury from her dental fillings. I will provide a link to her testimony and a two slide review of what to do for macular degeneration which mentioned this book.

This link could save someone's eye sight. Kris is an educated woman with a degree so I know she has researched this.

Marie Flowers
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Best book ever you can read to save your vision

Best book ever you can read to save your vision. It saved mine :) Together with Peter Ruiter's wonderful help from The Netherlands.

Zsuzsa van Dijk
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2 out of 2 reviews are useful.

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