Therapeutic Nightlight

Our Therapeutic Red Night Light is a unique healing soft laser nightlight that turns itself on automatically in low light conditions, so you can navigate safely in the dark, and heal your eyes while you sleep...


How many healing tools can you benefit from every day (or night) by simply plugging it in once and letting it do its work automatically?


Unique features: 


  • 660 nm wavelength soft laser Therapeutic Red Light
  • Built-in light sensor control for 100% automatic operation
  • 3-Year Warranty

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More details:

Navigate the night without disrupting your night vision, or disrupting your crucial pineal gland function.


Just plug in the nightlight in your bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere you need nighttime navigation, without disrupting night vision or sleep.


Photobiomodulation Benefits:


  • Melatonin: Avoid suppression of both night vision and the pineal gland’s secretion of melatonin, caused by exposure to blue light, or the blue component of white light. Melatonin is the main endocrine regulator of the diurnal cycle and the main nighttime hormone. It is the only hormone that goes directly to the nucleus of every cell rather than communicating through cell membrane receptors and intracellular messengers only in select tissues like other hormones. Melatonin is highly correlated with longevity and anti-aging.


  • Mitochondria: The quantum resonance of 660 nm photons activates cellular respiration for improved cell energy and function. This is one of the main light frequencies used in Photobiomodulation therapies.


  • Macula: The central area of vision is given dual support with the Therapeutic Night Light. First, Melatonin supplementation has been found to support macular health and function in clinical research. Second, optimizing mitochondrial activity is key to maintaining cellular health in every cell in the body, but especially in the macula since it requires the highest metabolic activity of any tissue. Mitochondrial dysfunction is salient in all neurodegenerative processes... The eyes will naturally fixate a red light in the dark, without impairing night vision, providing intermittent mitochondrial stimulation every time you get up during the night, without even thinking about it.


  • Myopia: A recent study found a relationship between myopia progression and sleep issues. 


  • Methylene Blue therapy is often combined with 660 nm light for additional therapeutic effects in exposed skin tissue for those taking Methylene Blue. Even in the absence of Methylene Blue, the mitochondria of the skin are activated by the 660 nm light.


  • More... Melatonin is the main nighttime regulator of detoxification of the brain tissue including the retina, by opening the recently discovered lymph-like glymphatic drainage channels in the brain. It is the main regulator of intraocular pressure (IOP) at night, so the Melatonin sparing effects of the night light are supportive for those with Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension. The mitochondrial activation in the retina and other eye tissues is also very supportive for those with any eye health challenges.



Our Therapeutic Nightlight is designed by Glen Swartwout, Doctor of Optometry and Natural Medicine... known as the Wizard of Wellness.


Dr. Glen learned from Professor Russel Reiter, the world's leading authority on the pineal gland and melatonin, that only red light preserves pineal function at night.


He searched for a biocompatible night light solution for years to preserve melatonin production by the pineal gland, and finally we made our Biocompatible Nightlight which filters white LED light through a red filter.


The Biocompatible Nightlight is perfect for hallways, bathrooms and other areas where nighttime navigation may be desired without having to turn on white light sources that can disrupt sleep for the rest of the night.


Now we've added an upgraded design with a 660 nanometer (nm) soft laser light source that specifically activates the mitochondria!


Our unique new Therapeutic Nightlight design is ideal for the bedroom, and can be used anywhere in the house.


Because red light can reach all of the tissues in the eye even when the eyes are closed, the Therapeutic Nightlight is a healing tool for the eyes that works even while you sleep.


The nightlight is typically plugged into a socket near the baseboard, so the light is reflected off the walls and ceiling for a diffuse red glow like the embers of a fire.


In the case where less light is desired, such as a placement within the visual field when lying in bed, we have designed an add-on optical dimmer for continuous manual light control between 0% and 50% of the full unfiltered output.


For optimum sleep, eliminate other light sources, and EMF sources in the bedroom as well. Check out our book, Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions for guidance, and wear a Mithreal™ Silver hat.

If you need to navigate at night beyond the bounds of areas illuminated by your night light, check out our powerful red night-vision and pineal sparing Flashlight.


For additional sleep support, you'll love our excipient-free, pure and potent Functional Formulations™:

  • Sleep Synergy to help you fall asleep, or to help you get back to sleep during the night...
  • Brain Cleanse to help you fall asleep and ensure that your brain's glymphatic drainage system is working through the night.

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I'm Healing While I Sleep!

I love that I don't have to remember to do anything extra, or take time out to benefit fully from this healing tool. I can tell the light is getting to my retina and the rest of my eye tissues, because I can see the soft red glow right through my closed eyelids while I lie in bed. I have it in my bedroom for maximum healing, and I just adjust the positioning so I get a comfortable amount of diffused light reflected off the ceiling and walls... I will put another one in the bathroom so I don't have to turn on a light anytime I have to get up during the night.

Susan Luscombe
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Easiest healing tool ever!

This is my favorite energy healing device because of the simplicity of just plugging it in once and having it turn itself on automatically whenever it is dark. The soft red glow reflected off the ceiling and walls is perfect for seeing at night without turning on any lights that would interfere with sleep and healing processes. I taped a piece of white paper on the unit as a diffusion filter to soften the light a bit for my preferences.

Glen Swartwout
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