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Dry Eye Syndrome is actually the #1 cause of blindness in the world today, with most of the victims living in undernourished areas in Africa.

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But even if you are not at risk of losing your vision, dry eye symptoms are extremely problematic, because vision is your dominant sense, plus there are more nerve endings packed in each square millimeter of your cornea than anywhere else in your body. Learn about dozens of natural remedies associated with healing the underlying causes in this handy reference book.

The surface of the eye is the most exposed aqueous medium in the human body. It is also the most sensitive nerve center. The tears depend upon the coordination of aqueous, lipid and protein components to maintain the comfort and efficiency of health of the cornea as the first optical medium of our dominant sense, Vision. 

This system is exquisitely sensitive to the chemistry of our environment, both internal and external. By supporting all systems of the body to restore balance and harmony in the biological terrain, we give the front of the eye the best opportunity to achieve its design function of accelerated self-healing. 

The specific remedies required to achieve this will be different for each individual, and in fact different for the same individual from month to month in the unraveling of the unique individual healing process. Ongoing sources of environmental, dietary, visual and other stress factors will surface as identifiable contributors, and be dealt with in real time as this dynamic healing process unfolds. 

This book is intended to help as a resource in that process. If this book can facilitate timely identification of a few causative or therapeutic factors for you or your most challenging patient, then it has fulfilled its primary purpose.

103 Pages

9” x 6” paperback

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An Excellent Book For Dry Eye Relief In A Natural Way

#DryEyeRelief Book Review An Excellent Book For Dry Eye Relief In A Natural Way

Dry Eye Relief: Natural Medicine for Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 5) by Glen Swartwout is all about empowering you to take care of your eyes in a natural way. The most sensitive part of a human body is an eye. The eye needs to be taken care of with utmost precaution as it is the exposed area of the body that needs to be used exhaustively all the time except with we are sleeping. The eyes work like a camera – capturing frames at a high speed and with great accuracy. The most sensitive nerve centre of our body is probably the eye. The cornea is the first optical medium of our vision.

A comprehensive coordination of lipid, protein and aqueous formulates tears that in turn maintains the efficiency and comfort of the health of the cornea of the eye. There are many internal and external factors that impact the performance, health and efficiency of an eye. The chemistry of environment plays a major role in this. Front of the eye, for that sake, is important to be taken care of. AS per the design of the front of the eye, the healing process varies from individual to individual and rather from month to month for the same individual.

The system of self-healing has to be quite dynamic and strong to manage its care. That is where this book Dry Eye Relief: Natural Medicine for Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 5) by Glen Swartwout comes into the picture. It not only makes you aware of the causative and therapeutic factors but also enables you to be proactive in their timely identification. Whether it is you as an individual or for your patients, if you are an eye specialist, this book is a must read to gain an extra edge in taking care in a timely manner.

The book explains in a systematic way about solutions, conventional care and its limitations, risk factors associated with it, your lifestyle and how it impacts in aggravation or relief process, how important is to manage stress in this case, important of exercise and of what kind, importance of water and diet, impact of food sensitivities, allergies, neuroprotection, antioxidants, ageing, immune modulators, hormones & neurotransmitters enzymes, and a lot more.

Jaideep Khanduja
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Five Stars

Very useful book covering a lot of information it is hard to find elsewhere

Caro Clare
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