Red Night Vision Biocompatible Flashlight

Red light is used at night to spare night vision...

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Our powerful and rechargeable Red Flashlight allows you to navigate in the dark without losing your dark adaptation...

Turning on, or being exposed to a white light at night, even just for a second, not only impairs your night vision for a while after you turn the light off...

It also shuts down your pineal gland function...

Maybe for a few hours...

Or maybe for the whole rest of the night.

That's a real problem, because melatonin is crucial for sleep, for antioxidant protection, for coordinating the function of every cell in your body via the circadian rhythm, and even to longevity...

You see, our night time functions are adapted to be sustained only under light conditions as bright as the full moon.

For another simple solution to getting around safely in the middle of the night, check out our Biocompatible Night Lights!


Another use for this powerful flashlight is color therapy on the body...

Red light is helpful for the skin, and penetrates a couple centimeters into soft tissues.

Red light even helps to activate your mitochondria, which produce 90% of your metabolic energy from oxidative metabolism!

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