Natural Resource A-Z

Natural Resource A-Z is an energetically correct complex homeopathic remedy designed to stimulate cellular absorption and utilization of essential nutrients.

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When you take your multi-vitamin, you may notice that your urine turns bright yellow. Add Natural Resource A-Z formulated by Rev. Dr. Glen Swartwout, and that yellow color from B vitamins now goes into your cells, where it is needed. Check for yourself!

Natural Resource A-Z ingredients:

  • Aloe socotrina
  • Amino Acids (all)
  • Angelica archangelica
  • Apis mellifica
  • Aralia quinquefolia
  • B15: Dimethylglycine
  • Calcium Ascorbate
  • Cell Salts (all)
  • Eugenia caryophyllata
  • Glandulars (all)
  • GTF Chromium
  • Krebs Cycle parts (all)
  • Medicago sativa
  • Ribes
  • RNA-DNA from Yeast

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