Improve Your Eye Health By Enhancing Peripheral Awareness (Video Course)

Vision is our dominant sense as human beings... We can learn to use it wisely, or we can lose it. 

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Feel your centre in your heart.

The heart is the integrator for the whole body, mind and spirit.  Seek to walk the path of joy, love, hope and gratitude in every step of your journey.

Notice how the state of Love activates your whole conscious body.  This allows coherence and integration of all your functions.

The take home message for healing, eyes and vision...

Seeing it all in perspective:

Essentially, if we move energy through our whole bodies, our bodies adapt to be able to handle energy flow.  That is now documented to include the eyes.  

The eyes carry an enormous amount of circulation.  The entire blood volume of the body actually passes through the eyes every 40 minutes.  We stimulate that function with aerobic exercise.  It is crucial that you do not push your exercise into a sustained anaerobic state, where breath would become laboured, or you would find it challenging to talk or sing while exercising.  You always want to be able to whistle while you work!  The retina is actually the most oxygen demanding tissue in the body... more so than the rest of the brain.  And the macula, the central part of the retina where we have our most detailed vision needs more oxygen than the rest of the retina!  

Keep this in mind as you open your awareness simultaneously to your central vision, your peripheral vision and your breath.  Let this exercise in awareness become a holy trinity that lives inside you without any effort, simply by bringing it back into awareness each time you think of it.  After practicing daily for a few weeks, you should notice that your body is more relaxed, you are becoming more coordinated (fewer accidents and bruises) and you are enjoying a higher quality of life.  Let any indicators of stress, like strong emotions or body discomfort be a reminder to bring some attention back to the first step of conscious development: the fundamental of awareness.  I hope that helps!  Let me know what you experience in the feedback form at the bottom of this page, and try some of my favourite follow-along exercises in my book Refreshing Vision.

The eye is the only part of the body where that blood is able to absorb the full spectrum of light, unfiltered by melanin, the skin pigment molecule that is made of neurotransmitters, and develops embryologically from the neural crest tissue that also forms the entire endocrine system.  The endocrine system is actually regulated by frequency (color) sensitive pathways from the retina as well as the light/dark cycle that keeps every cell in the body in coordinated coherence through the pineal (third eye) secretion of melatonin during sleep.  Melatonin is the only hormone that communicates directly with the DNA in every cell of the body.  Look for a detailed guide to light, colour and frequency therapies along with other vibrational and energy medicines in my new book Anima Medica, which means the Soul of Medicine, a complement to Materia Medica: Vis Medicatrix Naturae Volume 1 (The Materials of Medicine: The Healing Power of Nature).

When you are choosing to do anything in life, whether it is aerobic, or eye-robic, or anything else, be sure it is not robotic.  The development of consciousness and the improvement of health and performance demands that you be interested and enjoying meaningful activity.  Even if you have no choice in doing an activity that you find challenging or unpleasant, find a way in your thinking to reframe the meaning of it into something positive.  Then enjoy the refreshed flavour of that glass now half full...  

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