Kloud Mini PEMF Mat

The Kloud Mat is the newest generation of technology for healing with PEMF.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.


This new generation applies a much broader range of frequencies to activate many more physiological functions at a biochemical level.


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Centropix Kloud


Program Name


1     Relax


2     Balance


3     Energize


4     Synchronize


5     Transform


Clinical Theory™


Program  Phase  Name


1              4      Cleanse


2              5      Balance


3              1      Energize


4              2      Rejuvenate


5              3      Regenerate


The Kloud offers the latest advancement in PEMF therapy.

The frequency range is expanded up to 20,000 Hertz.

This covers 20 times the stimulatory resonance frequencies for important physiological substances and metabolic reactions.

Simple to Use Without Bluetooth:

Switch the unit on with the power button, and the blue light comes on.

Once it warms up, the OK check mark light comes on.

Select the program (1-5) with the right/left arrow selection button.

Click the start button, and the selected program light will flash while the program runs.

The unit will beep at the end of the 15-minute session.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla

How to Use the Controls:

On/Off Switch (Mechanical Toggle): Circle = Off; Line = On; When you turn it on, the Power Light (at the right end of the second row of lights) lights up blue, the unit beeps, and the Check Light lights up green.

1st Row of Controls:

Start/Stop Program:
Start/Stop Button (icon is a triangle and a square): Press and release the Start/Stop Button to start or stop running a program. The program will stop automatically after 15 minutes. The green program light will stop blinking. Turn off the toggle switch when the program ends to save the battery.

Set the Intensity:
When a program light is flashing (indicating the program is running), press and hold the Start/Stop Button for about 2 seconds to see the intensity setting. While holding it, press the Right/Left Button to change the intensity setting. Successive presses will cycle the intensity between 1 and 5. We recommend using intensity 1 or 2, mostly. You can set the intensity separately for each of the five programs.

Select the Program:
Right/Left Button (icon is two triangles pointing left and right): When a program light is on constantly (selected but not running), press the Right/Left Button to change the program selection. It cycles between the five programs. 

Check Battery Level:
Press and hold the Right/Left button for about 3 seconds to show the battery charge level. P1-5 = 100% charge, P1-4 = 75% charge, P1-3 = 50% charge, P1-2 = 25% charge, and P1 = 10% charge. If none of the program lights light up, the battery is empty. Charging takes about 4 hours.

P1 Light: Relax (Phase 4)

P2 Light: Balance (Phase 5)

P3 Light: Energize (Phase 1)
P4 Light: Synchronize (Phase 2)

P5 Light: Transform (Phase 3)

C Light

2nd Row of Controls:

Always Turn Off Bluetooth:
Bluetooth Button (icon resembles two chainrings): Blue light indicates Bluetooth is on. Turn it off by pressing and releasing the button. Bluetooth is not a therapeutic EMF signal. Bluetooth can upgrade the Kloud software when the company releases an update.

Low Battery Light: The light comes on when the Kloud needs a charge.

Battery Charge Light: To charge the Kloud, turn the toggle switch off and plug in the charging cable. The Blue Battery Charge light indicates the unit is charging. The LED light on the charging cable will also be blue. When the light on the cable turns green and all lights on the Kloud control panel are off, the unit is fully charged.

Check Light: Green light indicates the unit is warmed up and ready to use.

Power Light: Blue light indicates the power is on.

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