Sleep Synergy

Most natural sleep aids include the herb Valerian.

That's a bad idea... because 40% of people have an opposite reaction to the desired soporific effect...

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More details:

We include a wide range of other botanical, nutritional and endocrine factors to support relaxing and falling asleep at the end of your day.

We also include a number of factors that help boost bioavailability, absorption and delivery of all the other ingredients.

What we don't include is any excipients, artificial colorings (our green Vegicaps are made with Chlorophyll), flow agents or other undesirable additives.

The formula may be enhanced with each batch, but here is our latest formula:

Active Coenzymes:

Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P) 10 mg 500%

Vitamin B9 (as 5-MTHF) 200 mcg 50%

Vitamin B12 (as Adenosylcobalamin) 50 mcg 833%

Essential Minerals:

Magnesium (from Magnesium Threonate) 3.5 mg 1%

Chromium (from Chromium Polynicotinate) 200 mcg 167%


5-HTP 37 mg *

GABA 50 mg *

L-Theanine 50 mg *

Melatonin 250 mcg *


Withanolides 20% (Withania somnifera) 50 mg *

Hou Po 5:1 (Magnolia officinalis) 50 mg *

Huang Bai 5:1 (Phellodendron chinense) 50 mg *

Lupulin (Humulus lupulus) 40 mg *

Bacosides 50% (Bacopa monnieri) 40 mg *

Lemon balm 20:1 (Melissa officinalis) 40 mg *

Bioavailability Factors:

EGb761 (Ginkgo biloba) 5 mg *

Licorice Omnipotent (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 5 mg *

Gingerol 40% (Zingiber officinalis) 5 mg *

Moringa 100:1 (Moringa oleifera) 5 mg *

Piperine (Piper nigrum) 1 mg *

You can try one or more capsules of Sleep Synergy at bedtime to help with relaxing and falling asleep.

If you don't achieve the results you are looking for with one capsule, progress to trying two or more for the first week or so... You can also take Sleep Synergy again any time you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, if you need help falling back to sleep...

Once you get your sleep cycle re-established, your dosage needs are likely to decrease for maintenance.

If you need additional support, we recommend reducing your exposure to blue light from screens late in the evening, and using only night vision sparing red light at night to preserve pineal function.

Consider our Biocompatible Night Lights to light your way to the bathroom if needed...

And our red flashlight for further navigational support.

You can also benefit by reducing your exposure to EMF...

Check out our Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions book for starters.

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