Healing Tools Package

This is our full basic Healing Tools Package with

  • Water ionizer
  • PEMF Mat
  • Infrared Laser
  • DENAS Microcurrent
  • Nightlight Set
  • Silver EMF Shielding Clothing
  • Wicking Toothbrushes
  • EVOX Perception Reframing


We don't include Oxygen therapy, since we don't supply the equipment and training directly.

Let us know when you want to look into this powerful therapy modality that is more effective and more flexible than hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Once we have your OK, we'll connect you to the source to learn more.

Retail $9,092.79 Your Price $7,997.00

More details:

For 40 years I’ve been collecting healing tools and therapies in what we call our Healing Oasis. Prior to COVID, we were already working with 85% of our clients remotely, and helping them implement the most important of these tools for themselves to use at home.


We see the best results with our clients who are able to implement​ ​a full range of healing tools for their own home Healing Oasis​ to benefit from daily, so we've designed this comprehensive package for you to make it accessible at a savings and with an option of spreading the cost out over time. 


We are happy to answer any questions about this package, and I will include a link for more details about each item for you...


Here is our recommended Home Healing Tool Package for you:


9 Plate Water Ionizer ($3,097.00)



Your water ionizer will make alkaline water for drinking and cooking that is a better solvent than other filtered water. It penetrates tissues and cells 10 times better than other water. In addition to supporting alkalinity which reduces chronic disease, it supplies beneficial electrons in the form of molecular hydrogen, which is the perfect anti-oxidant. The acid water produced is ideal for cleansing skin and surfaces, and the strongest level of alkaline water emulsifies oils providing the ability to soak pesticides off produce.


Kloud Mini PEMF mat ($2,590.00)



The Kloud is the most advanced form of PEMF, supplying beneficial frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. This makes it capable of activating 20 times more biochemical compounds and pathways in the body compared to the previous generation of PEMF, and at a significantly lower price. The previous generation technology already demonstrated the ability to increase circulation by 30%, which is how much we lose in 40 years of aging. 


Harmony Laser ($999.97)



Our Harmony Laser supplies both red and infrared light frequencies that specifically activate the mitochondria which produce most of the metabolic energy in our cells. Degenerative conditions are associated with weak mitochondrial function. The infrared frequency penetrates into the deep tissues of the body such as the organs, joints, muscles, and nerves. Using the laser every other day gives tissues adequate time to complete processes of cleansing and repair. 172 Hz was known in ancient China and Tibet as the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, and was used as the metric standard for 1,000 years of peace. Before learning this history, we rediscovered 172 Hz in our own research as a harmonic sanctuary frequency. This attracts the spirit minerals that make up the immortal conscious body. These non-ordinary state minerals are also known as ORMUS or M-state minerals. They bring the transformative healing powers of intention, superfluidity, and superconductivity to bear on your healing process.


DENAS Microcurrent with eye electrode ($499.97)



Microcurrent gently stimulates and restores cellular function. The beauty of this technology developed for the Russian space program is that it uses biofeedback to automatically sense whether each area needs to be energized or relaxed.


Therapeutic Night Light ($199.97)



This nightlight is for your bedroom, so your eye tissues and your facial skin can heal and rejuvenate while you sleep.


Biocompatible Night Light ($49.97)



This nightlight is perfect for any other area of the house so you can navigate at night without turning on any lights. Even momentary exposure to white or blue light can suppress pineal function for the whole rest of the night.


Mithreal Wearable Silver Hoodie ($199.97 - choose your size Small to 5XL)



Protect yourself from EMF and 5G radiation that is increasing at an alarming rate.


Mithreal Wearable Silver Hat ($59.97) (choose your style: Ivy Hat, Baseball Cap, Knit Beanie, Hoodie Hat)



Just wearing an EMF shielding hat for 8 hours a day reduced autoimmune problems by 80% in a recent study.


Wicking Toothbrush Set ($19.97)



Modern tooth cleaning needs an overhall. Traditional cultures use the power of wicking to clean the teeth, e.g. by chewing on a neem stick to turn it into a toothbrush. With the wicking approach, you can avoid using cancer promoting soaps like SLS found in virtually all commercial toothpastes. These products also contain harmful Fluoride that lowers IQ scores. You’ll never have to  brush your teeth in the bathroom again, since you don’t need to spit in the sink any more. Keeping your toothbrush away from the toilet eliminates exposing your toothbrush to harmful airborne bacteria as well. Use it plain, or with a little of our Dental Powder, as you prefer.


ZYTO Hand Cradle ($499.97)



Together with a Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC computer and internet and phone connections, this allows us to communicate remotely for powerful EVOX voice frequency biofeedback and using our proprietary Biofield Analysis software on the Zyto platform. If you don’t have a PC computer, ask around and you’ll find someone with an older model in the closet to borrow, or you can buy one for about $200.


An unknown number of preparatory EVOX Sessions (zero to 20 or more) to be ready to start the Transgenerational clearing process ($0 to $3,940 or more). 


The EVOX biofeedback process identifies whether you are ready to clear inherited epigenetic patterns, or whether you first need to clear some other current stress patterns. We will include however many sessions you need to get down to your family pattern, so that you can know ahead of time what your cost will be. Normally this could potentially incur many thousands of dollars in additional costs.


Transgenerational EVOX Sessions ($197 x 8 = $1,576)



Family patterns of susceptibility to disease are often inherited epigenetically, and these patterns can be cleared with this once in a lifetime process. Those who complete the Transgenerational Perception Reframing process respond even better to all natural therapies.


Total: $9,092.79 to $13,032.79, or more...


Package Price: $7997


These tools and therapies will provide a lifetime of value for daily health and wellness support.


Monthly payments for the full recommended resources are estimated at as low as $361.78 per month for a two-year amortization down to $162.17 for 5 years...


The actual payment offers could vary, just depending on credit status and available offers from the 30 lenders that we check with...


The link to check financing offers for monthly payments is:




You can find out all your actual financing offers available within a few minutes without affecting your credit score.


Let us know if you have any questions,


Dr. Glen & Rae


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